Nederlandse transportbedrijven in spanje

Moving into the warmer climates of our Mediterranean cousins brings us to Spain.

In the south west of Europe it is a very popular tourist area but also an area where manufacturing can still be carried out at lower costs than the rest of Europe

Spain covers an area of 505,955 square kilometres, which places it amongst the fifty largest countries in the world.

The largest part of the territory is located in the Iberian Peninsula, the remainder, approximately 12,500 square kilometres, are islands, -Balearics and the Canary Islands- plus 32 square kilometres that are accounted for by the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, situated on the coast of Africa.

The  Iberian Peninsula in the south west of Europe and is only 14 kilometres away from the African continent.  The mere geography that Spain is peninsular also explains the length of its coastline, which runs along the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea

The climate ranges from  a wet Spain in the North and mountainous areas, green Spain with luxuriant forests and a dry Spain in the Mediterranean.